Corporate Headshots - 30 years behind the lens

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Corporate Headshots

Competitive, human, approachable

Looking for corporate headshots, which give you a competitive edge, but still come across as human, warm and approachable?

Truly great headshots can have a significant impact on your career and professional growth. Sometimes, they’re the difference between receiving that enquiry and not receiving it.

Today, you can create a powerful online profile, which triggers new career opportunities and leads. So, you want a corporate headshot that draws people to you because it captures your traits, whatever they may be – leadership, knowledge, personality, creativity.

I’m a headshot photographer based in Melbourne. I’ve been taking photos for over 30 years now. And while photography never ceases to challenge and excite me, I know how to capture your warmth and personality in a style that complements what you do, the industry you work in and how you intend to use your corporate headshots.

I bring my own professional mobile studio with lighting for indoor shots.

“We were impressed and excited with the photos Brett took for our Website. The photography session was stress free and the results amazing. We commend and thank Brett for his professionalism and the accommodating manner he attended to our photos.”

Coline Goldstein, Practice Manager, Rubin Partners

If you want corporate headshots that propel your career or business to the next level, book an appointment today.