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About BJ Photography – your Melbourne based photographer

30 years’ photographic experience

I was first inspired into photography when I was 16. A teacher handed me a 35ml film camera and told me to be as carefree as I liked, to “capture something in the moment”.

So when I spotted the 4-year old boy a little further up the street (wearing a Superman costume, one sock up, one down and trailing 10 paces behind his mum throwing an almighty tantrum), it didn’t take me long to realise this was one of those ‘moments’.

Of course, at the time I didn’t know whether I’d captured the shot or whether it would be any good. It wasn’t until I returned to school and checked my camera when I broke into a big grin…

This photo became loved and known by clients in our studio for many years as “Where’s Louis?”

After I captured it, I fell hard and fast into the creative world of photography, learning the old-school way using film, measuring light manually and developing images in a darkroom.

Today, I’ve adapted to the creativity and convenience opened up by digital photography, but a small part of me still clings to the simplicity of old-fashioned film. The mixing of chemicals in the darkroom… the play with contrast and light… the element of surprise. I have a particular passion for infrared black and white photography and its rich, crisp, ethereal tones. Often, I like nothing more than to mix a few of these into my clients’ digital portfolios.

Where's Louis
Simone and Brett

I work with my lovely wife, Simone, in Melbourne, but we have clients all across Australia. Together, we make sure you fall in love with your photos while having a fun, relaxed photographic experience.

We’re friendly, respectful and professional. Most importantly, we love what we do.

Brett Jacques Awards:

Winner Best Wedding Photographer ABIA (Australian Bridal Awards)

Winner Silver & Gold awards AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)

Associate Diploma in Media Production

Membership of Wedding Photographer International

If you’re looking for a Melbourne based photographer with experience, passion and creative vision, come and meet me for a chat.